Plutus Challenges Gamifying Brand Campaigns

Leverage Generative AI to Automatically Launch Creator & Fan Driven Marketing Campaigns. Pay Only for Conversions & Turn Weeks of Planning to Minutes.

Bringing AI to the
Creator Fan Economy

Create a Challenge

Simply add your target reach & goals for the campaign.

AI Generated Campaigns

Data backed campaigns to hit your goals.

Set onto Autopilot

Sit back and watch your creator campaigns run itself.

Reduce Time & Capital on Marketing. Plutus AI puts it on Autopilot

Set Target Reach & a Brief on the Product or Services

We create the right performance campaigns and creator types from historical data.

Launch the challenge, customise in matter of minutes.

Creator Discovery identifies & picks the right Creators

Don't rely on Agencies or Surf Through Social Media for Right Creators

We identify Creators under 26 Parameters including past brand deals, CLTV & Look-alikes.

Auto-messaging sends mailers, DM's and SMS. Average of 85%+ Conversions.

Track your Challenge Performance on the Dashboard

Track each creators conversions & performance.

Monitor the ROAS over time. Activate upto 250 Creators.

Enable Auto-add to activate the best performing creator types.

Add Followers & Loyal Fans to the Challenge

The first platform that lets you activate creators loyal fans in marketing.

We leverage & engagement data to identify the right fans to promote.

Fans get a lower CPC & give bonus conversions in Micro-Communities for brands.

Simpler, Better & Faster with Plutus AI

Gamify marketing efforts by activating creators and fans to promote your brand.

Launch upto 250 Creators
Plutus AI can launch across Micro & Macro creators globally. Monitored from a single dashboard.
Creator Discovery Tool
The largest database of over 300mn+ accounts across Instagram, YouTube & TikTok globally.
Leverage Fanbase
We believe that fans deserve a share of the pie. The Plutus App has over 700k+ fans ready to participate in campaigns.
Unparalleled Network
We have partnered with 12+ creator management houses & agencies globally.

Take Creator Marketing to the Future?

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